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Thread: How to Make Money from Home Without Investment

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    How to Make Money from Home Without Investment

    Hello everyone,

    My mom and her friends are planning to start some business without any investment. As everyone is homemaker and graduates, before decades back, they are unaware of the computer technologies too. Please come forward to share some ideas for making money at home???

    Eagerly waiting for your replies!!!

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    Hi friend,

    As you told, they are not aware of computers and all; I would like give some tips to make money without any investment….

    They can become a private tutor, if they have knowledge in particular subjects.

    Become a Quizmaster by creating, compiling and submitting quiz questions to schools, charities, clubs, and fundraisers. Just find out what your client needs, set the questions and answers, return it to them for their approval, and get paid your agreed price

    If they’re creative, they can make money by writing email newsletters.

    If you love pets, offer grooming services to your friends and neighbors, or offer a combined service of grooming, feeding, walking and pet sitting.

    Still there are many of making money. This is purely depend on the skills and the attitude you have!!!

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