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Thread: How to set professional goals

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    How to set professional goals

    Hi friends,

    One of my cousins has completed his graduation in engineering this year. But he has not set any goals for his profession. He is planning to do some other course which is totally different from his profession, he do not have an idea to set professional goals. Can anyone please tell how to set professional goals? Please help!!

    Waiting for your valuable replies!!!

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    Professional goals are very important; it is the responsibility of each and every one to set professional goals. Career goals are met to inspire and motivate you and keep going on them. For few people finding a job of their profession is a matter of luck. But for the other part of the people it takes a bit of planning. Not all get into the jobs according to their profession, some may be working in entirely different work nature. It is very important to focuss on the professional goals.

    Here i would like to tell you how to set the professional goals;

    First of all plan with where you want to go, and then work backward to where are you, in which position you are. Then focus on your goals and somehow try to achieve it. So goals has to be set in way that it should be possible to work on; that is the main point to be considered while setting goals. Not just setting goals is important, working according to it is very important.

    Consider these things;

    where do i want to be in my profession 5 years from now.
    Why should you be there?
    How will you reach that?
    What all the extra skills will you get there
    How can you help get it your way?

    These are some of the important point to be considered

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