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Thread: Margazhi Matha Rasi Palan 2013

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    Margazhi Matha Rasi Palan 2013

    Hi friends,

    Many of the people will say that, Margazhi month in the Tamil Calendar is not meant for starting any project or work. This is because that this month is dedicated for worship and meditation. Can someone give me the Rasi Palan for this Margazhi month to predict which Zodiac signs are getting benefited in this month???

    Please share your valuable replies!!!

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    Hey Dude,

    Margazhi Month Predictions for all zodiac signs are as follows:

    1. Aries:

    You'll expend a lot of energy trying to further your career and make a name for yourself. You might have to sacrifice personal plans to go to business events or training. You'll meet others who can help or give advice, so it could be worth it. You may decide to get involved at the last minute. Jupiter in Gemini will bring the chance to connect with relatives and neighbors.

    2. Taurus:

    Several planets in Capricorn this month will bestow the ability to be organized and productive. You'll be focused on managing communications more efficiently, such as only responding to e-mail and texts at certain times. You may also plan a trip, decide to go back to school, or get more training. You'll be practical and use common sense when making these decisions. Saturn in Scorpio will bring a serious and responsible attitude toward your romantic partner. There's a possibility that you may be separated for a time because of business commitments, family obligations, or relationship troubles.

    3. Gemini:

    You'll passionately pursue knowledge this month and take courses, do research, or sign up for a formal program. You'll also be restless and long to travel and have new experiences. Life will be exciting and fresh. Jupiter in your sign brings excellent opportunities for growth. You'll also be more introspective than usual with Jupiter retrograde.

    4. Cancer:

    The Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Pluto will oppose your sign this month. At different times one or the other may influence your mood and outlook. The Sun and Pluto will be together at the beginning of the month, bringing passion and power over others. Any relationship will be intense and sexually charged. Uranus will also be in Aries and in square to your sign. This unpredictable energy will bring last-minute developments in your career that could upset your work/life balance. Saturn in Scorpio will bring out a responsible, practical approach to romance.

    5. Leo:

    Uranus in Aries will bring a sense of the unexpected with communication, travel, and education. You might decide to spontaneously take a trip or go back to school. You could receive news that changes your plans. Mars in Aquarius will stir up unrest if you're in a relationship. You may be defensive or irritable if you feel that you're being smothered. Several planets in Capricorn this month will ensure that your workload is heavy and you'll need to put in long hours at the office.

    6. Virgo:

    Planets in Capricorn will help you feel secure and grounded, especially regarding love and romance. You'll know that your partner or love interest is committed and trustworthy. Intense feelings will increase your bond and you'll be able to show your partner how you feel. Venus will be in Sagittarius during the first part of the month. You may visit a female relative, but there could be tension. Jupiter in Gemini will bring opportunities to realize your ambitions, but you might have to sacrifice some of your other activities. You'll think a lot about your career path.

    7. Libra:

    Home and family life will be stressful and not without arguments during this month. Several planets will move through Capricorn, and you may feel burdened or restricted by obligations in that area of your life. You may have to help out a parent or deal with heavy financial expenditures on your house. Whatever happens may overshadow everything else. Mars in Aquarius will bring an unexpected and sudden attraction to someone interesting, but it may not last. Venus in Sagittarius until January 8 will bring warm and happy times with relatives and neighbors.

    8. Scorpio:

    Saturn in your sign may feel heavy and oppressive at times. Situations that occur this month will be challenging learning experiences. You'll become more responsible and mature as a result, but you may not realize it at the time. Several planets in Capricorn will bring responsibilities to others, especially neighbors and relatives. You may decide to volunteer for a community project or work hard on behalf of someone else.

    9. Sagittarius:

    Venus will be transiting in your sign until January 8. This planet will help you attract new opportunities and you'll feel attractive. Whatever you want will be magically available if you're clear about what it is. Jupiter in Gemini will bring curiosity about relationships and a helpful approach with your partner. You may communicate better or do more things together.

    10. Capricorn:

    What a powerful month this will be for you with several planets moving through your sign! Mercury will bring curiosity and commonsense and Venus a cooperative approach. The Sun and Pluto will be conjunct at the beginning of the month, and you'll feel powerful and in control. This would be a good time to use your organizational and management skills and prove to everyone how capable you are. You'll work hard but also be satisfied with the quality of what you accomplish. Your ruler Saturn will be in your sector of friends and associates. You'll be a dedicated, trustworthy ally.

    11. Aquarius:

    You'll be active and into many different activities this month with Mars in your sign. The planet of action will rev up your life and bring a desire to start new projects and get things done. Jupiter in Gemini will expand your love life. If you're with someone, you'll have new experiences together. If you're single, you'll have more opportunities for love. You could be hard on yourself with much planetary energy concentrated in Capricorn. You might overanalyze and obsess about the past.

    12. Pisces:

    You may not be sure of yourself or others this month. Neptune in Pisces will continue to create confusion and ambiguity for several years. You'll be focused on working on a project with friends and associates or heavily involved in an organization. All of this will require strong commitment and bring new responsibilities. Venus in Sagittarius until January 8 will help you explore your career options and attract what you need to advance. Saturn in Scorpio will bring a practical attitude toward travel, education, and communication. You'll make sound decisions regarding to your future.

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