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Thread: Reasons for hair fall in young women

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    Reasons for hair fall in young women

    Hey guys,
    One of my sisters is just 9 years old I think I started loss lot of hair, When I saw my snaps which I took few months back and when I compare it with the recent snaps I had lot of hair then. It makes me very sad I do everything I can to stop hair fall I shampoo my hair every time and I still see lot of hair falling out. Do you have any suggestion or anything I can do to prevent hair loss? Do share it with me..!

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    There are many causes of hair loss. Both men and women can obtain it. It can be because of nutritional deficiency, hormone imbalance, stress, and diseases. Hair loss can come from either side of the family. So it's no good paying close attention to either side. The best form of prevention is a healthy diet with sufficient vitamins and minerals. Hair is 95% protein so it is vital you get enough of it. The other thing you can do, which a lot of people do for prevention, is take hair supplements and treatments available in the Homeopathy hospitals. Check with them for the treatments they can help you on this.

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