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Thread: Which is the best refrigerator in India?

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    Which is the best refrigerator in India?

    Hi all,

    I am planning to buy a new refrigerator, as my old one is spoiled. I had no enough space to dump all things in my fridge so this time i thought of buying a large fridge with double door. I am totally confused which will be the best one for me. So can anyone of you guys suggest some of the best refrigerators in India? So that it will be helpful for me to buy a refrigerator as per my requirements and also compare the prices and go for the best one.
    Please help!!

    Thank you!!!

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    Hi veenetha,

    Today almost all the houses have refrigerators and it is truly become an integral part of every home. The choice of the refrigerator brand, model etc... Depends upon the number of people in the house; if there are more members in the family, then who have to go for the bigger one. There are many good refrigerators available in the market, but i would like to suggest some of the best refrigerator;

    LG Frostfree Refrigerators

    I think you can better go for the last one i.e. “LG Frostfree Refrigerators”

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    I think you can better go for Hitachi, they have many new models with three, four and two doors. It is also available in different colors like black, sky blue, grey etc........the price are also quite reasonable.

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