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Thread: How to get rid of hiccups for newborn baby

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    How to get rid of hiccups for newborn baby

    Hello People,
    A new born baby very often experiences with hiccups where the parents are really worried to get rid of it. Though the babies don’t bother about hiccups but parents get hurted by seeing them suffering.

    When the new born baby gets hiccups frequently, what are the simple and easy steps to be followed to get rid of them?

    Kindly help me with the best tips.

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    Yes jasmine, newborn babies get hiccups very frequently. Though they sound very cute and charming, as a parent we will be definitely worried. Here are some very easy and best tips to get rid of hiccups.

    • Nurture your baby with lot of concern. Mother’s breast feeding is the solution to stop hiccups immediately.
    • Follow Burping the kid which helps the baby to release gas from stomach which leads hiccups.
    • Make the child to suck on something. Sucking on a pacifier can help relieve the child’s hiccups.
    • Sugar Solution in a bottle also helps the baby to stop hiccups.
    • Make the child to change the positions while breast feeding and hold them upright position to release gas.

    Hope these tips would really help to get of hiccups.

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