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Thread: Benefits of triphala for weight loss

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    Benefits of triphala for weight loss

    Hi Friend,

    Nowadays every single person are embraced by junk foods and soft drinks. We all prefer to intake them in large quantities and suffer from stomach related problems. I hardly see people who do not take junk foods and are healthy.

    I have experienced people suffering from ailments like loss of appetite, constipation, pains in the abdomen and acidity which also leads to hypertension, fatigue, reduced eyesight and condensed immunity etc. I am tried taking antibiotics and would like to go for ayurvedic medicines. I came across Triphala and would like to know its benefits for weight loss.

    Kindly provide me.

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    I was put on weight tremendously and took many antibiotics and didnít give me good results. Then I was forced to take Triphala and I was very apply using it and I have got 100% results.

    Itís the combination of 3 fruits available is the powdered version of medicinal plants namely emblica officinalis, terminalia chebula and terminalia belerica.

    The benefits of Triphala for weight loss are:

    1. Obesity is cured amazingly by Triphala. It normalizes the digestive system function and reduces body fat.
    2. Triphala helps to trim down hungriness.
    3. It burns fats in liver through secretion of pile juices.
    4. Triphala reduces unnecessary water content of the tissues and helps in reducing the weight.

    You must use Triphala and experience the miracle changes.

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