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Thread: Best ayurvedic hair oil to stop hair fall

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    Best ayurvedic hair oil to stop hair fall

    Hello friends!
    Can anyone suggest me any good ayurvedic hair oil that would help me to stop my hair fall. I am in need of such hair oil because I am observing excess hair fall.

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    Hey buddy..
    It is good that you don’t want to buy other hair oil’s which consist of chemical composition and they may damage your hair follicles. It is best to use Ayurvedic hair oils since there are no side effects in using ayurvedic oils. Here are few Ayurvedic hair oil:
    • Neelibringadhi oil
    • Kunthalakanthi oil
    • Kanjunnyadi oil
    • Sesa Oil
    • Thrichup Oil
    • Brahmi and Bhringraj oil

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