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Thread: Tips To Avoid Confusion At Work

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    Tips To Avoid Confusion At Work

    Hi friends,

    My sister, who recently joined her new job, is having problems in continuing her job over there. As this is her first job, she feels hard to do multitask at a time. She feels that her thoughts are not clear, which is vital for an employee to deliver the best to achieve success in her career.

    Can anyone share some of the valuable tips to get rid of the confusion at work??? I’m eagerly expecting replies from the experienced persons!!!

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    Hi Shiva,

    Clear thinking is essential for all the young-talented employees to bring out their knowledge, desires, skills, and abilities towards work. If they know, how to tackle the confusion that rises in work, they are the best champions.

    I would like to share some of the important tips to evade the confusion at work to help all the young professionals:

    • Write down all your ‘Interests and Abilities’ and ‘Difficulties and Weaknesses’ in two columns. This can help to clarify your thinking in both areas by comparison and contrast.
    • Keep up your stamina and enthusiasm in the areas of your strengths and interests to find your best abilities and greatest opportunities that will fit your personality.

    • If you are not sure about what you want to learn and develop, then just take a guess and start on something that seems right.
    • Focus mainly on one thing -- one at one time, and not much else, and let almost every ounce of effort go into that so that it will become a real area of strength -- not confusion.

    • Come out from your bad habits/weaknesses
    • Keep on doing what you decided to do. Persistence is about half of being successful that enhances your habit of forming positive thoughts.

    • Improve yourself and your chances and you will not be confused. Keep working and studying.
    • Be clear about your purposes and keep going. Never come out from a project you started and be sure that you are doing it in a good manner.

    • Continue to build your strength of faith and your ability to learn and to earn with faith, thereby improving your abilities and skills by being persistent and reliable.

    Love your work and work hard towards success!!!

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