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Thread: Soya Chunks Good for Health

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    Soya Chunks Good for Health

    Hello everyone,

    My brother, who went to a fitness center to enhance his biceps, was advised by a dietician over there. The dietician prepared a diet-chart in which soya chunks top the list. I never come across, what a soya chunk is. Can anyone tell me, what is it? And also, tell me the health benefits of it???


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    Hey Friend,

    Many of them are not aware of Soya Chunks, because they are popularly known as meal-maker. I think, now you’ll be aware of it. Soya is a rich and complete source of protein so it can help build lean muscle, but it is also extremely high in phytoestrogens and other toxins. So while eating a little is fine, men in particular should avoid eating too much because high amounts of these plant estrogens can potentially cause gynecomastia (breast enlargement), although there is some conflicting evidence.

    Why soya chunks are good for health???

    soy protein in general is rich in B vitamins and Omega-3 fatty acids, which are thought to benefit many aspects of health. Here are the reasons that prove why soya chunks are good for health…

    • Contains all the amino acids needed by the body, and is an excellent replacement for meat-based proteins
    • Beneficial to the growth of strong bones and teeth in children
    • Reduce the risk of osteoporosis in men and menopause symptoms in women
    • As they are high in fiber, which is known to benefit cholesterol levels, and can indirectly lower cholesterol by replacing fatty animal proteins in the diet.

    Include soya chunks in your food and enjoy all the health benefits!!!

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