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Thread: Visit Cave Temples In Badami

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    Visit Cave Temples In Badami

    I adore visiting historical places, likewise now am planning to visit Badami’s cave temple presented @ Bagalkot District of Karnataka State…
    Can somebody right brief description on this tourist spot, which should have details on transport &tourism...

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    Badami, one of the best historical spots having splendid rock cut and other structural temples in its land.
    There are totally 4 cave temples, Such as:-

    Cave 1 – The 1st shrine has Shiva’s door keepers and towards right side there is 5ft height Shiva in the tandava dancing pose with 18 arms. There are some more appealing carvings on the ceilings like Mahishasuramardini, Vidhyadhara couple & Nagaraja.

    Cave 2 – The 2nd shrine consist carvings & sculptures of Dvarapalakas with lotus in their hands, images of Bhuvaraha and Trivikrama and on upper limit we can find carvings of Shiva, Vishnu, Bramha, Asthadikpalakas & Ananthashayana,.

    Cave 3 – The 3rd shrine is the biggest among all four caves and this temple is committed for Lord Vishnu. In this temple we could see marvelous sculptures of Bhuvaraha, Harihara, Paravasudeva, and Narasimha in attractive dying and carving.

    Cave 4 – The 4th shrine is committed for Jains and here we could see sculptures and inscription linked to Jainism.

    Travel &Transport To Badami Cave Temples:-

    • From Bangalore to Badami in train it takes 12hours time to reach through Bijapur Express.

    • From Bangalore to Hubli in train it takes 9hours time & from Hubli there are several buses available to reach Badami.

    • From Hospet to Badami in car it takes 4 hours time. The overall distance for Badami <-> Hospet is around 150km.

    Hope these above information’s are sufficient for you to visit Badami Cave temple!

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    Visit Cave Temples In Badami

    From school we went for Badami trip when I was in 10th .. That temple is built in one rock .. superb place to watch

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    Surely nice place to visit...3 very beautiful temple built in the hill of Badami. These caves are impressive and need to be visited early in the morining to avoid the tourist crowd. Be carefull with monkey and enjoy the view !

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