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Thread: Which Is the Best Syllabus ICSE or CBSE?

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    Which Is the Best Syllabus ICSE or CBSE?

    Hi friends,

    My neighbor is looking for a best school for his kids, who are doing in their 5th and 8th standard. They are very much confused in choosing the board of education, i.e., whether CBSE or ICSE. They asked suggestions to me on this. Even I don’t had an answer for that.

    Can anyone tell me, which the best one – CBSE or ICSE??? Also justify your answers too…

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    Hi Hema,

    This is not only the case of your neighbor, but the case of almost all the parents in our country. This is mainly because that, they want to give the best of the education to their kids. I would like to give the give the clear differences between those two education modes in our country…


    CBSE or Central Board of Secondary Education is one of the most popular school boards in India. The board is responsible for preparing the syllabus for class 9 to 12th, secondary and senior secondary level. Another important function of CBSE is to conduct examinations based on the prescribed syllabus.

    It is a recognized board and its syllabus incorporates the national curriculum as well as additional subject matter. The board conducts two examinations – All India Secondary School Examination, AISSE (Class X) and the All India Senior School Certificate Examination, AISSCE (Class XII).

    CBSE approves both English and Hindi language as the medium of instructions, CISCE or ICSE does not recommend Hindi.

    The syllabus prepared by CBSE is more suitable for qualifying in various entrance examinations, including the medical and engineering professional exams.


    ICSE on the other hand is one of the two examinations conducted by yet another board, CISCE or Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination. It is similar to AISSE conducted by the CBSE. Its (CISCE’s) equivalent for AISSCE is the Indian School Certificate or ISC.

    The syllabus of ICSE is more detailed and requires the student to remember a lot. CBSE is comparatively easier than ICSE.

    Above all, both CBSE and CISCE are self-financing education institutions. However, CBSE is recognized by Indian government and ICSE is not.

    Hope, this could be informative!!!

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