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Thread: Is it ok to do push ups everyday

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    Is it ok to do push ups everyday

    Hi all.......

    There is a friend of mine who will do push ups regularly, not even one day he will miss to do it, he will do at least do 150-200 pushups everyday. I think that is the reason he have a good physique; after seeing him even i thought of doing workouts everyday, but i do not know whether it is good or bad. Can anyone of you please tell is it ok to do push ups everyday? Please do reply as soon as possible!!

    Thank you!!!

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    Hi amar,

    There is nothing wrong in doing push ups regularly. But it is not advisable to do more than 200 push ups a day. And definitely doing more than that will not help you to get the desired thing and you will finally end up in losing the thing which you had before. So it is advisable to do some 100-200 push ups everyday in order to get a better result. If the muscles get strained by doing more than 200 push ups a day then you will face some health issues later. So for every thing maintain a limit, do not cross the limit.

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    Hi Zafar,

    I agree to you

    Thank you so much for the information.

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