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Thread: Reasons for hair fall in men

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    Reasons for hair fall in men

    Hi friends,
    One of my friends have frequent hair fall, he will lose more number of hair everyday and now it has become very short, he is really worried about it; he is also scared that if the same thing continues his hair will get balded; But he seriously do not know the reason for hair fall, can anyone please tell some of the causes of hair fall in men? With that please do give few tips to prevent hair fall in men........

    Thank you!!!

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    Hi Parekh,

    This is one of the common things both in men and women. Almost 70-80% of men have the problem of hair fall. Most of the men get hair fall after some major surgery, illness etc....but the main cause of hair fall is hormonal imbalances, over or under-active thyroid and certain fungal infections. It is also caused due to increased sensitivity to their hormones in few parts of the scalp and it is passed from generation to generation. Lack of iron may also be one of the reasons for hair fall. Stress will also lead to hair loss. Another reason is: frequent brushing of hair may also cause hair fall; when the hair is brushed often it loses its strength and hair fall take place.

    As you asked few tips to prevent hair fall, i would like to share it with you;

    It is advisable to stop brushing the hair often
    Tell your friend to have healthy foods and ensure that it contains more vitamins and minerals
    It is also very important to take care of your health needs
    Another important thing is ask him to try to control his stress
    Tell him to avoid to eating food which encourage hair loss
    Another important thing is, stay away from harsh chemicals

    These are some of the tips to prevent hair loss in men......

    Hope it helped!!!

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