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Thread: Best vitamins for healthy hair and skin

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    Best vitamins for healthy hair and skin

    Hi folks......

    I normally have a very dry and rough hair; i often have hair fall which really makes me feel very bad. My hair is becoming too short nowadays. I am totally worried about it. When i consulted a doctor, he suggested me to take foods which are highly rich in vitamins minerals and protein in order to have a healthy hair. So can anyone of you please do list out few best vitamins for a healthy skin and hair? Please do reply as soon as possible!!

    Thank you!!

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    Hair is one of the beauty factors for all women. The woman with strong and healthy hair looks beautiful...................

    To have a healthy and the vibrant hair one has to follow balanced. A healthy diet will also reflect on both skin and hair; you can easily notice the changes on your skin but it is very hard to notice it in your hair so it is always advisable to follow a healthy diet. Always prefer having the foods which are highly rich in vitamins, protein etc......if the hair lacks moisture then there are chances of hair fall. It is advisable to take up greens, fish, meat etc to get moisture for hair as well as to have a glowing skin.

    Here i would like to list out few vitamins which are good for both hair and skin, please take a look at it;

    Vitamin A and Beta Carotene: Vitamin A helps to produce healthy sebum for the scalp and also helps to prevent dryness wrinkles and aging. The best examples of vitamin a are milk, cheese, carrots, and broccoli
    Vitamin E: it helps in providing moisture for both skin and hair
    Vitamin C
    Vitamin B
    Omega 3 fatty acids
    Calcium and magnesium will also help in hair growth

    Hope it helped!!!

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