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Thread: How To Prevent Itching After Shaving

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    How To Prevent Itching After Shaving

    I use to shave my leg often but when ever I shave I get itching a lot how to prevent itching after shaving

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    Shaving is the personal choice . Itching after shaving is caused by irritation from the razor also known as razor burns. Itching may break the skin and allow bacteria into the lesion if this occurs infection is possible
    Moisturize your skin before shaving. Use a body lotion to soften the skin. Do not rub in continuously Allow the product to sit on the skin for a few minutes before rinsing the area thoroughly with water.

    Shave with a sharp blade. A dull blade is more prone to nicks and cuts, ingrown hairs and razor burn, which all cause itching. A sharp blade also will reduce pull on the hair.

    Avoid repeat strokes in the same area. Shaving the same spot continuously can cause irritation, which may lead to itching. If you find the need to shave the same spot over and over you probably need a new razor.

    Put the cream benzoyl peroxide 2.5 mg or 5mg on your skin immediately after shaving to reduce the redness

    Hope this tips will help you

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