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Thread: how to clean white tongue for newborn

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    how to clean white tongue for newborn

    What did you use to clean your new born baby tongue? My baby tongue is white and i told to the doctor at his 2 week app t. She said that it looked fine. But now 4 week it seems to be very thicker . I don't want him to get thrush. I am open in any suggestion

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    It is very important to regularly clean the baby mouth to keep healthy even thought babies drink milk or water
    Use this step to clean the baby white tongue

    Ensure that your hands are clean before starting and prepare a small bowl of warm water.

    The baby can be positioned in many ways but cradling the child with one arm while cleaning the baby’s mouth with the other hand may be the simplest and provides the baby with a sense of security.

    Place your finger on the baby’s lip to open his or her mouth.

    Once the baby’s mouth is open, place your finger on his or her tongue and gently rub the surface of the tongue in a circular motion.

    After cleaning the tongue, move your finger around the baby’s mouth and gently massage the teeth and gums as well as the sides of the cheeks.

    This cleaning procedure should be performed at least once daily after feeding

    Even you use coconut oil to clean the mouth of the baby before taking bath

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