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Thread: Which Ragas Was Composed By Amir Khusro?

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    Which Ragas Was Composed By Amir Khusro?

    Hi friends,

    Amir Khusro, a mystic genius of Hindustani Classical Music, is considered to be the musician, singer, poet par excellence during the medieval period. Many of the music lovers have a thought that, he is the one composed most of the Ragas in music.

    Can someone let me know, the Ragas which was compose by the great philosopher Amir Khusrau???


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    Hi Dude,

    Amir Khusrau is often acknowledged for creating 'Khayal' of North Indian Classical music (popularly known as Hindustani Classical Music). He modified Dhrupad and added Persian tunes and beats to it. He created Qawwali on the likes of Bhajans.

    The poems he wrote were in Persian and a combination of Brijbhasha and Persian, and they’re known as Hindvi. These poems later were developed into Hindi and Urdu. Many of his poems are even today used in Hindustani Classical as Bandishes and as Ghazals by Ghazal singers.

    He is the great linguist who has mastery over Persian and Brijbhasha. Amir Khusrau is credited with fashioning the Tabla as a split version of the traditional Indian drum, the Pakhawaj. He is believed to have brought Sarod into the mainstream hindustani classical music. Popular lore also credits him with inventing the Sitar.

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