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Thread: Who Designed The Indira Gandhi National Center For Arts?

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    Who Designed The Indira Gandhi National Center For Arts?

    Hi friends,

    Im going to New Delhi to attend a workshop by Indira Gancdhi National Center for Arts. Before going there, I would like to know more about the institution. Can someone tell me, who designed this autonomous foundation? Also give some details about its regional centers and functional units???


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    Hi Sen,

    Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, New Delhi (IGNCA) is the premier government funded arts organization in India, as an autonomous institution under the Union Ministry of Culture. This is established in the memory of Indira Gandhi, late Indian Prime Minister, and with Kapila Vatsyayan as its founding director.

    The IGNCA was inaugurated on November 19, 1987, in Bangalore, by the Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.

    It has 3 Regional Centres:

    Southern Regional Centre (SRC) Bangalore
    Centre's office Varanasi
    North East Regional Centre Guwahati

    The IGNCA has six functional units. They are:

    1. Kala Nidhi - the multiform library
    2. Kala Kosa - study and publication of fundamental texts in Indian languages
    3. Janapada Sampada engaged in lifestyle studies
    4. Kaladarsana - transforms researches and studies emanating from the IGNCA into visible forms through exhibitions
    5. Cultural Informatics Lab - applies technology tools for cultural preservation and propagation
    6. Sutradhara - acts as a spine supporting and coordinating all the activities.

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    Hello kunalsd,

    Its an amazing information given by you.. thank you so much for precious time you have taken to give this information..

    Thanx again

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