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Thread: In Which Indian State Is The Sun Temple Of Konark Located?

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    In Which Indian State Is The Sun Temple Of Konark Located?

    Hello everyone,

    While planning for a tour package, we (the family members) started listing the places they wished to visit. My mom’s favorite place to visit this time is ‘The Sun Temple’. No one in my family aren’t aware of where it is located. If someone tell me, in which state the Sun Temple of Konark is situated, it would be helpful for us to organize our trip.

    Please help me!!!

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    Hi Anjaana,

    The Sun Temple of Konark is locatd in Orissa. It is 13th Century Temple situated near the sacred city of Puri, is dedicated to the sun God or Surya. It is a monumental representation of the sun God Surya's chariot. It is a masterpiece of Odisha's medieval architecture and one of India's most famous Brahman sanctuaries.

    There are two rows of 12 wheels on each side of the Konark sun temple. Some say the wheels represent the 24 hours in a day and others say the 12 months. The seven horses are said to symbolize the seven days of the week. Sailors once called this Sun Temple of Konarak, the Black Pagoda because it was supposed to draw ships into the shore and cause shipwrecks. It is one of the Seven Wonders of India, as per the poll collected by NDTV.

    Enjoy visiting the Sun Temple and get all the blessings from the Sun God!!!

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    Yup it is a true statement that Konark Sun temple @ Orissa is considered to be one of the seven wonders of India.

    Konark’s construction is tremendously awesome; so I wish to brief about it here:-

    The Temple compound measures 857 feet -261mtr by 540 feet - 60mtr.

    Konark Sun temple is built in an Orissan Style during Ganga dynasty.

    It was constructed from corroded and weathered ferruginous sandstone by King Narasimhadeva.

    At the entrance of temple there is well accommodated Nata Mandir.

    The whole compound is intended in the form of God's gigantic chariot drawn by seven feisty horses on twelve pairs of decorated wheels at its bottom.

    Each wheel is carved in the shape of Sundials.

    Konark Sun temple is famous for Erotic sculptures.
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