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Thread: Hockey India League 2013 Live Match Streaming

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    Hockey India League 2013 Live Match Streaming

    I hope HIL is happening since 2days, but I don’t have time to watch this match….. Is any online portal streaming this matches live. If yes, then kindly do share the relevant link here….

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    With site names I would also like to share important notes on Hockey India League 2013!

    • Hockey India League has 34 matches in Total.

    • Hockey India League matches are held at Delhi, Punjab, Jalandhar, Mumbai and Ranchi.

    • HIL commenced from January 14th to February.

    • Hockey India League Teams:-
    1) Delhi Waveriders
    2) Jaypee Punjab Warriors
    3) Ranchi Rhinos
    4) Uttar Pradesh Wizards
    5) Mumbai Magicians

    • Sites that offer 2013 Hockey India League match live:-
    1) thefansofhockey
    2) sportsgoals

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