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Thread: Healthy food for losing weight and gaining muscle

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    Healthy food for losing weight and gaining muscle

    Hi all,

    There is a friend of mine who loves to eat junk foods, she will always prefer to eat junk foods; in a week at least thrice she will go for those foods. By consuming it on a regular basis she is put on more weight. She will never follow a healthy diet. Now she is overweight; when she consulted a doctor he had suggested her to take some healthy foods to keep the body fit; now she is looking for some of the healthy food for losing weight? Can anyone please do suggest few healthy foods to lose weight as well as gain muscle? Please help!!

    Thank you!!!

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    In order to lose weight and gain muscle one has to build healthy eating habits; cultivate the habit of consuming foods which are highly rich in protiens vitamins etc...If a healthy diet chart is followed then there will be no health issues and also helps to have fit body.

    Here i would like to list out few foods for losing weight and gaining muscle, please have a look at it;

    It is advisable to drink plenty of water a day
    In the daily diet ask her to include “berries” no matter any berries, blackberries, cranberries, raspberries etc...
    A plain low fat yogurt will also help in reducing weight and gain muscle
    It is also appreciable to have whole eggs everyday, because it is higly rich in protein and therefore provide strength to the muscles and help in reducing weight
    Red Meat is also one of the best foods, which will give best results. It contains more protein, iron, vitamin b12 etc...
    Spinach is also good for health; it prevents muscle and bone loss
    Oats is also one of the best foods which will help in reducing cholestral and it has high soluble fiber
    Another most important food for muscle gain is all kinds of fruits and vegetables; especially carrot and broccoli are very good for health
    Green tea also helps in weight loss and muscle gain

    These are some of the healthiest foods, for losing weight and muscle gain.

    Hope it helped!!!

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    Healthy food for losing weight and gaining muscle

    vegetable, fruits
    green tea and herbal tea

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    Hi Sejal Nair,
    Ask your friend to be health conscious. Eating junk foods not only make the person obese but also pave a way for many diseases and other health issues. Much health related issues are caused due to junk foods such as diabetes, Respiratory disorder, Pulmonary disorders, etc… To avoid such unwanted health problems, one should follow a diet chart and should include all the natural fruits and vegetables in it. The best way to keep you healthy is to drink 2-3 lites of water every day.. Water dissolves the unwanted fats that get deposited in our body and make you fit and fine. Secondly, you should consume green leafy vegetables that helps in maintaining proper bowel moment.. if your stomach is fine then you and your health will obviously be fine.. Having junk foods may create some problem in bowel moments which in turn leads to fat deposition in our body.
    Avoid sweets, butter, meat, etc…
    You can add sprouted pulses and cereals with your meals.
    Go for a walk at least for an hour daily.

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