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Thread: Healthy Snack Food for Losing Weight

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    Healthy Snack Food for Losing Weight

    Hello Friends,

    My cousin, who is doing her graduation, has put on weight recently. She has the habit of eating junk foods and snacks most of the time. She is unaware of the problems that are faced because of weight gain. After everyone’s advice, she decided to reduce her weight. But she cannot come out from snacking.

    If someone provides the list of healthy snacks that are helpful to reduce the weight, then I’ll suggest her to eat them, when she feels like snacking.

    Please help me!!!

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    Hi Shilpa,

    Eating junk foods and the high-calorie snacks will not reduce the weight; instead they will lead to obesity.

    Though we have a healthy eating plan, one should enjoy what they eat and never let themselves get too hungry. As snacks keeps the blood sugars stable, prevent you from getting too hungry at your meals (and then over-eating), they are vital to a healthy diet. The best way to get in lots of needed nutrients is through healthy snacks.

    Given here are the few healthy snacks that can be taken at any time, to enjoy all the health benefits:

    • Nuts
    • Chips
    • Protein Bars

    • Muffins
    • Lite Popcorn
    • Hard-cooked eggs

    • Fruit and Yogurt
    • Frozen Peas and corn
    • Cheese and Crackers

    • Peanut Butter Sandwiches
    • Low-fat Chocolate Milk
    • Fat-free or low-fat milk

    Include these healthy snacks in your diet to trim down yourself!!!

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