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Thread: Hockey India league 2013 schedule

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    Hockey India league 2013 schedule

    Hi all,

    I am a great lover of hockey; i will never miss to watch even a single hockey match; i heard that there is going to be a hockey league match in India and i would like to know the schedule of it, so that i can be a part of that match encouraging the players. Do you all have any idea about this match? If so! Please do mention the hockey India league 2013 schedule.....

    Thank you!!!

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    Hi vivek,

    Here i would like to mention the Hockey India league 2013 schedule;

    It will start from January 14; each team will be playing four to five matches. The first match will be held at Delhi between Delhi waveriders and jaypee Punjab warriors. The semi finals will be held at Ranchi, on 9th of February the final match is expected to be at the end of February. My favorite team is Delhi waveriders; Hope Delhi waveriders will get the trophy!!!!!!!!!!!! Let’s hope for the best

    If you want to know the complete details of the schedule please do visit the official website “http://league.hockeyindia.org”

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