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Thread: Home Remedies for Baldness in Men

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    Home Remedies for Baldness in Men

    Hi friends,

    My brother, who is in his final year of his graduation, is doing project in an MNC in which he got the job offer. After the successful completion of his project, he has to join immediately. The only thing which worried him and the family members is his hair loss. He is losing a lot of hair since three months, and it is showing the signs of baldness.

    Can someone let me know, the home remedies for baldness in men???

    Please share your valuable replies soon!!!

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    Hi friend,

    This is the health issue that affects men at the age of 20s itself. This should be treated at the earlier stage, to reduce its vigorousness. If not, it will result in complete baldness.

    Here are the few simpler remedies that can gives the amazing results for the men’s baldness:

    • Rub the bald area with onion paste till it becomes red and follow it with an application of honey.

    • Boil one cup of mustard oil with four table spoons of heena (mehendi) leaves. This mixture should be filtered and kept in a bottle. Massage the bald patches regularly with this

    • To strengthen the hair roots, coconut milk should be massaged onto the scalp.

    • Prepare a shampoo by adding 5 tbsp of curd, 1 tbsp of lemon juice and 2 tbsp of raw gram powder. Apply it on the head, and keep for an hour before washing.

    • A massage on the scalp with the oil of sagavan seeds should give amazing results.

    • Grind fenugreek seeds with water and apply on the head for 40 minutes at least before washing. Wash off the mixture with cold water only after you have vigorously massaged your scalp.

    • Well grounded seeds of black pepper should be mixed with lime and this paste should be applied on the area of thinning hair.

    • Massage with olive oil before going to bed at night and next morning, wash off the hair gently.

    Hope, this could be informative!!!

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