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Thread: Tips For Washing Newborn Babies Clothes

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    Tips For Washing Newborn Babies Clothes

    Hey Mom's!
    I wish to share basic information on washing newborn babies clothes, hope this tips will help all new moms

    Donít mix babyís clothes with others while soaking.
    Babies are basically with sensitive skins, so always must not use low-priced detergents.
    No perfumed soaps, this could be allergic too baby.
    Use warm water to wash clothes.
    Rinse well.
    Do not dry babyís cloth @ filthy environment.

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    Exactly! This is very much helpful for all new moms!

    Thanks a lot for contributing this attractive thread and also for the previous reply for my Thread hereÖ

    I would also like to raise another question; is there any particular detergent available to wash baby clothes??

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