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Thread: Unhealthy food list to avoid

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    Unhealthy food list to avoid

    Hi all,

    There is a friend of mine who will never follow a helthy diet. He will have every food, whether it is healthy or not; he will never bother about the food habits. All this made him fall sick. After seeing him, i thought of following healthy food habits, so i would like to know some of the foods which should not be consumed. Can anyone please do list out few unhealthy food list to avoid.

    Thank you!!!

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    Hi siddharth,

    In order to adapt a healthy lifestyle, one has to follow a healthy food habits; Food habits are very important in each and every person’s life. There are some unhealthy foods which need to avoided, here i would like to list of unhealthy foods to be avoided, please take a look at it;

    The following are the unhealthy foods to be avoided;

    Junk foods
    Fatty Foods
    Foods That Give You Too Much Protein
    Foods That Cause Constipation
    Ice Cream and Frozen Desserts
    Potato chips, French Fries, and other Fried Foods/Snacks
    Processed Cheese Products
    Sugar (white and brown), molasses and soft drinks
    White rice

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    Thanks for sharing the post. Different bread items should be prevented. Instead of that, you can have fiber foods like nutrella, Fruits, pumpkin and green vegetables.

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    Good post made by Siddharth, Anand & Quantahis!

    But you guys have mentioned only several types of unhealthy food, whereas I would like to specify those unhealthy food names here for better understanding!

    Unhealthy food list:-

    • Burgers
    • Candies
    • French Fries
    • Carbonated Beverages
    • Ice Creams
    • Cakes
    • White Bread
    • Pasta/Noodles
    • Processed Cheese
    • Soy
    • Sausages
    • Doughnuts
    • Artificial Sweeteners
    • Muffins
    • Hot Chips
    • Pies
    • Biscuits
    • Condensed Milk
    • Red Meat
    • Alcohol

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    Unhealthy food list to avoid

    junk food and oily foods...

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    You need to have 6 small meals everyday you need to have fruits, vegetables in those meal you can have sweet potatoes, Spinach and Watermelon, they're loaded with carotenoids, vitamin C, potassium, and fiber. And Spinach, watermelon makes an excellent source of vitamin C. you have these in your daily diet and in few months am sure you will start losing weight.

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