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Thread: Healthy Food List for Weight Gain

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    Healthy Food List for Weight Gain

    Hello everyone,

    My niece, who is thin and skinny, always hates eating healthy food. She won’t any of the fruits and vegetables. She lives only on eating junk foods and snacks like cookies, pizza, burger, etc. Most of the elders in the family are scolding my sister for bringing her like this. We thought of taking her to a pediatrician. Before hitting the hospital, I would like to know, some of the healthy food items that can help to gain the weight.

    Eagerly waiting for your replies!!!

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    Hi Suma,

    That’s such a bad habit!!! Children should be given foods that are highly nutritious and healthy. Even, I too feel that, this is your sister’s fault. Without parent’s knowledge, children won’t go for junk foods. These food items will affect the growth of the child and also result in many of the health issues.

    The parents control them in eating those unhealthy food items. They should control them and advise them in such a way that, the children should develop hatred towards junk foods. If you change her food intake routine, it will result in weight gain.

    I would like to list some of the food list focusing on a diet rich with proteins, and quality food will meet the task at hand in a healthy way…

    Dairy Products – Proteins - Cheese, paneer, ghee, and yoghurt

    Nuts –Fats - Dried Fruits

    Healthy Fats – Olive oil, canola oil, soy oil, mustard oil, fish oil, and coconut oil

    Fruit Juice

    Brown Rice, Oatmeal, fruits, and veggies - Carbohydrates

    Red Meat, Whole Egg, Flaxseed – Proteins

    Hope, this could be informative!!!

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