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Thread: When is Arudra Darisanam?

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    When is Arudra Darisanam?

    Hi friends

    Can any one say me when is arudra darisanam . I heard it is on January what it is exactly

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    Arudra darisanam got over on January 8th Tuesday 2013

    It is tiruvathirai or thiruvathiral festival in tamil culture is observed on the day when lord shiva performed the tandava. It is a celebration of the cosmic dance of lord shiva which represent the continuous cycle of creation and destruction.

    Aardhar is the Sanskrit word of thiruvadiral nakshatra . The festival is also a commemoration of shiva nakshatra ( birthday star) ardra. Thus the festival is popularly know as Arda darshan or arudhara Darshanam . on this day lord natraja comes out in procession to give darshan to his devotee.

    Thiruvathirai kali and kootu are the special food prepare in the morning and offered to lord shiva

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