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Thread: April fool pranks 2013

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    April fool pranks 2013


    Can any one give me the idea for April fool pranks 2013. i have the lots of plan on that day to fool my friends..

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    Red face

    The April fool day is celebrated by everyone on 1st of April it is also know as all fools day thought it is not the national holiday it is celebrated by different countries You can try the prank ideas only to entertain your friends, relatives etc

    Remember prank idea should not hurt any one . The ideas are here

    Putting a mustache on a sleeping person who doesn't normally have one is always fun. But, even better is that if that person is a deep sleeper than paint another set of eyes on their forehead. When they look in the mirror first thing in the morning, they will be shocked.

    When you are at someone's house and they are having a party or people over, go to their main bathroom and put about a dozen goldfish in their toilet. This prank is hilarious because people won't know what to do. They either go to the bathroom or flush the fish or they let them stay in there until someone scoops them out and they will end up with a dozen goldfish!

    Have fun Happy fools day!!!

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