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Thread: how to correct shape of baby head

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    how to correct shape of baby head

    My wife gave birth to daughter last week her head shape is not so good can any one help me out the how to correct shape of baby head

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    Congrates!! As babies now spend more time on their backs, the number of babies developing flat areas on the head has increased.
    Here is the few useful tips to correct the baby shape

    Roll up a small towel and place it under your baby's chest, placing her arms in front of the towel. This will make it easier for her to hold her head up.

    Provide supervised side-lying play several times during the day.

    Place your baby's head at the opposite end of the crib every other night.

    If your baby always wants to look in one direction, try and position his head in the other direction as much as possible.

    Change your baby's head position during sleep

    Massage always round in shape of your baby head

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