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Thread: Home remedies to cure insomnia

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    Home remedies to cure insomnia

    Hi people,

    I have insomnia and a lot of times I end up not falling asleep at night. What would be the best natural remedy for this? I tried everything no use..! I want you help and suggestions very urgently.

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    Hey will suggested you few simple Home remedies to cure insomnia.

    Intake a cup of milk with honey. This is effective in curing insomnia.

    Increase in the consumption of vitamin B foods such as wholegrain cereals, pulses, and nuts. These are effective in treating insomnia.

    In half a liter of water, ad one tablespoon of lettuce seeds. Boil this concoction until it reduces to 1/3rd quantity. Have this decoction when warm.

    Hot fomentations help to solve the problem of insomnia. Apply hot packs to the spine and have hot footbath before going to bed.

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