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Thread: How often should i wash my face?

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    How often should i wash my face?

    Hi all,

    I normally have a very dry and rough face, my skin looks so dull; because of this i wash my face at least 5-6 times a day. But i do not know how far it is good. One of my friends said that washing face often is not good. After listening to that i was really shocked. I just wanted to know how often should i wash my face.............can anyone please tell how many times should i wash my face?

    Please do reply as soon as possible!!!

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    Hi pranitha,

    Washing the face often is not a good sign at all...........that too washing it more than 5-6 times is not at all good. So it is not advisable to wash the face frequently. Please do stop it............Do not apply too much soap on your face, because the chemical particles present in the soap will create some skin problems. Twice a day you can wash your face, i.e. morning and night. You can also apply some oil free moisturizing cream to have a better result.

    Hope it helped!!!

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