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Thread: how to prevent split ends and dry hair

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    how to prevent split ends and dry hair

    I have medium hair. I have the lot of split and dry hair. I use to apply coconut oil and comb often but still I did not get any good result kindly can any one give me the use ful tips to prevent split ends and dry hair

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    Hair split ends are common signs of hair damage. Over brushing and back combing can lead to hair breakage. Over coloring or perming. The chemicals in perming and coloring products strip moisture from your hair. Over expsoure to the sun damages your hair and accelerate the development of split hair

    Split end cannot be repaired the best way to get rid of split hair cut ľ above the split to ensure the healthy end get your hair trimmed every six to eight weeks

    Use a wide tooth comb with your wet hair

    Apply regularly conditioner after using the shampoo

    Donít color/perm your hair too often. Limit the use of chemical treatment to once every 8 weeks at most.

    Hope this tips surely will help to prevent from split hair

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