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Thread: Internet slang terms all parents should know

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    Internet slang terms all parents should know

    Hello Everyone,

    I have come across many kids surfing on the net all the time. I am shocked that they lo gin to watch porn videos, chatting etc. It really sounds stupid; we must find some solution to stop them. Though many parents have blocked the sites and accumulated some monitoring program to know whether they are watching these stuffs.

    The main shocking news is the kids are talking online using internet slang terms where many of us are not aware of it.

    Please share the terms used by them which would be useful to stop the kids.

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    Here are the Internet slang words listed below for the parents to know to stop their kids.

    ASL(R P): Age Sex Location (Race / Picture)
    BF / GF: Boyfriend / Girlfriend
    BRB: Be Right Back
    CD9: Code 9 - means parents are around
    GNOC: Get Naked on Cam (webcam)
    GTG: Got to Go
    IDK: I don't know
    (L)MIRL : (Lets) meet in real life
    LOL : Laugh Out Loud
    MorF: Male or Female
    MOS: Mom over Shoulder
    NIFOC: Naked in Front of Computer
    P911: Parent Emergency
    PAW: Parents are watching
    PIR: Parent In Room
    POS: Parent over Shoulder
    PRON: Porn
    PRW: Parents Are Watching
    S2R: Send To Receive (pictures)
    TDTM: Talk Dirty To Me
    Warez: Pirated Software
    W/E Whatever
    WTF What the Fuck?

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