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Thread: garlic health benefits for women

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    garlic health benefits for women

    I would like to know is it garlic health benefits for women can any one share the information on it so it will help me alot

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    Garlic is not only good for women but also for men it is good
    Most of the modern research on garlic has concentrated on its ability to lower cholesterol and blood pressure as well as offering protection against strokes and heart disease.

    Garlic Tea
    Put 1 or 2 cloves of crushed garlic and 1 or 2 grams of loose-leaf green tea in a teapot. Add a teaspoon or two of unrefined brown sugar if you wish. Pour in boiling water that has been left to cool slightly. Stir the mixture and let it steep for several minutes before drinking. Afterwards, leave the ingredients in the pot, as you can top it up with more water once or twice throughout the day. This is a common folk remedy for killing germs and resolving toxins in the body.

    Acne: Half the people in the world suffer from mild to sever forms of acne. Garlic may be used along with other ingredients like honey, cream and turmeric to treat acne scars and even prevent acne growth. Garlic acts as a cleanser and antibiotic for soothing skin rashes.

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