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Thread: how to get rid of head lice instantly

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    how to get rid of head lice instantly

    Hi friends
    My daughter is studying in 4th standard she as the very long hair but the problem is more lice how much ever If Cean her it keep coming I am really scare to use some lice medicine because it as lot of chemicals and it may damage to hair too I would like to know how to get rid of head lice instantly

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    Head lice are easily transmitted by head-to head contact or by sharing combs, brushes or caps. Infestations are common in school children but this is not an indication of poor hygiene or dirty hair.

    you can get rid of lice naturally

    Combing alone is the effective way to treating lice

    Begin by wetting the hair; you may add a little cream rinse or conditioner to facilitate the movement of a nit comb through the hair. This will also stop the ability of head lice

    Apply tulsi oil to get rid of lice

    Hope this tips will help you

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    hi akila

    there is some shampoo in market u can use tat ... its head lice are more then u have to use some medicated thing only ... it will be safe dnt worry ...

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    Hi akila,

    As Rajiv said you can better try with the hair shampoos, which is especially designed to treat lice. Or else go with some natural ways to get rid of lice form the hair. I think than this, there is no other better solution for this.......

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