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Thread: Health benefits garlic during pregnancy

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    Health benefits garlic during pregnancy

    Hi all,

    Last week when i was going through a magazine, which is totally related to health, i came across an article which said that garlic is very good for pregnant women. So I just wanted to know some of the health benefits of garlic for pregnant women. Can anyone please do give out few health benefits of garlic for pregnant women? Please do reply as soon as possible!!!!

    Thank you!

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    Garlic is one of the most common ingredients used in all the south Indian dishes. This is considered to be the important ingredient. Garlic has various medicinal benefits. Here i would like to list out few health benefits of garlic during pregnancy, please have a look at it;

    The following are some of the benefits of garlic during pregnancy;

    It also helps in lowering the blood pressure and reduces the cancer risks and gastric problems.
    It may help in treating certain health issues especially occurring during pregnancy like poor blood circulation and high blood pressure.
    During pregnancy garlic will help improve the blood circulation and help to lower the cholesterol present in the body.
    The tiredness, stress will also be reduced during pregnancy if consumed regularly.
    The regular intake of garlic helps to destroy the harmful bacteria, viruses present in the body.
    It is also very good remedy for skin. Garlic also helps in treating the contaminated infections

    These are some of the benefits of garlic, if you all know more benefits of garlic during pregnancy please do share it..................

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