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Thread: Garlic health benefits for blood pressure

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    Garlic health benefits for blood pressure

    My mother in law is suffering from blood pressure she use to go for walk and take BP tablets regularly but still it is not normal many people advised me to give her garlic can any one share me garlic health benefit for blood pressure .

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    Garlic has more benefits it is not only good for blood pressure. It is also good for Blood sugar, cholesterol, coughing, toothaches etc , garlic which has the very powerful antibiotic properties . garlic also have more nutrients, magnesium, potassium. Garlic contain gamma glutamy lcysteine. This give the garlic the ability dilate arteries for lowering the blood pressure

    1>The fresh garlic juice is most effective preparation for the blood pressure

    2>Crush the garlic in a glass and drink with hot milk is very effective to control blood pressure

    3> Each morning fry garlic in the pan and eat directly it is very good for to control blood pressure

    4>Blood pressure can be controlled the garlic

    This all the healthy benefit for blood pressure

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