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Thread: Natural home remedies for male pattern baldness

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    Natural home remedies for male pattern baldness

    Hi all,

    I have a loving brother, who is just 25, but he looks so aged; itís all because of his baldness. It is too awkward to see him with baldness. Moreover he is too worried about his future saying that, who will marry him with that, he tried using so many oils, underwent laser treatment as well but nothing worked. Finally he ended up searching for some good natural remedies, if you know any remedies for baldness in men, feel free to share it!!!

    Thank you!!!

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    Hi reshma,

    Male baldness is very common nowadays; almost 50% of the men have this problem. Do you have balded head? Donít worry, it can be treated naturally with simple ways.............here i would like to give out few home remedies for male pattern baldness, please do have a look at it!!!

    Home remedies for male pattern baldness are as follows;

    It is always appreciable to apply oil for the hair. Please do massage your scalp with olive oil before going bed and wash it in the morning.
    Nicely grind the black pepper along with lime, and apply that paste on the affected area to get better result
    Hair should be kept clean with the regular wash in cold and clean water. After washing is done, massage the scalp gently.
    A massage on the scalp with the oil of saga-van seeds should give amazing results.

    Ask him to try all these to get a better result.

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