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Thread: Hindu Festivals 2013

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    Hindu Festivals 2013

    Hi everyone,

    Can someone share me the festivals dates and day which falls in the month of Feb to march please, I am looking up the festival in Hinduism but itís hard to get perfect dates of the festivals. Please help me with the Hindu festivals dates till March for now.

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    Hey I have share the festival dates and days below.

    Date Festival Name
    06th February 2013 (Wednesday) Shattila Ekadashi
    10th February 2013 (Sunday) Mauni Amavas
    12th February 2013 (Tuesday) Kumbha Sankranti
    14th February 2013 (Thursday) Vasant Panchami
    17th February 2013 (Sunday) Ratha Saptami
    18th February 2013 (Monday) Bhishma Ashtami
    21st February 2013 (Thursday) Jaya Ekadashi
    25th February 2013 (Monday) Magha Purnima
    07th March 2013 (Thursday) Vijaya Ekadashi
    08th March 2013 (Friday) Vijaya Ekadashi
    10th March 2013 (Sunday) Maha ShivaRatri
    11th March 2013 (Monday) Somvati Amavas
    14th March 2013 (Thursday) Meena Sankranti
    23rd March 2013 (Saturday) Amalaki Ekadashi
    26th March 2013 (Tuesday) Holika Dahan
    27th March 2013 (Wednesday) Holi

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