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Thread: Which is the best eyeliner in India

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    Which is the best eyeliner in India

    Hi folks...........

    Right from my childhood, i am so craze about eyeliners!!!

    I am more beauty conscious, i love to decorate my eyes with kajal, eyeliner etc......when i started applying eyeliners for my school they did not allow us to wear all these, we are not even supposed to wear a single ponytail. Those times i din’t get the opportunity to apply eyeliner, but now i have stepped into my college and thought of following all the beauty tips. I am just looking for the best eyeliner in India, can anyone please help me on this!!! Please do suggest some of the best brands.....

    Thank you!!!

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    There is nothing wrong to be beauty conscious; even i am the same..............

    Eyeliners are the best ways to make your eyes look more attractive and bright, try with the most costliest brand; if you opt for some local thing, then your eyes may get spoiled, it is always advisable to buy the best one especially “cosmetics”. It will be good if you apply the thin line. Though there are many types of eyeliner, i would like to suggest some of the best among those;

    Elle 18
    Eyetex dazller
    Amway Attitude Eyeliner Pencil Kajal Coal

    Try with these. The best choice would be “lakme”

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    I prefer Lakme as I use Lakme eyeliner and Kajal too...
    Other companies that you could try for are_
    -Elle 18

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