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Thread: Service Cost Of Hyundai I20

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    Service Cost Of Hyundai I20

    Hyundai is one of the rich & well known brand for 2 & 4 wheelers, I guess that service cost of Hyundai is comparatively higher than any other brand.

    Recently my friend bought Hyundai I20, I hope till now he would have used it for 1500km, what will be the service cost for it? do any of you guys have idea about it?

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    The reason why Hyundai is charging high service cost because all equipments they assemble to their vehicle are built with superior technology.

    Well, most of the online websites declare these service costs for Hyundai I20 petrol/diesel according to their Kilo Meter usage & equipment changes, take a look!

    Hyundai I20 Diesel Service Cost:-

    90000km – Rs. 7,412/-
    80000km – Rs. 5,118/-
    70000km – Rs. 2,872/-
    60000km – Rs. 7,758/-
    50000km – Rs. 2,872/-
    40000km – Rs. 3,218/-
    30000km – Rs. 7,412/-
    20000km – Rs. 2,168/-
    10000km – Rs. 2,168/-
    1500km – 0 Service cost

    Hyundai I20 Petrol Service Cost:-

    90000km – Rs. 7,412/-
    80000km – Rs. 4,310/-
    70000km – Rs. 2,064/-
    60000km – Rs. 5,474/-
    50000km – Rs. 2,064/-
    40000km – Rs. 2,410/-
    30000km – Rs. 5,128/-
    20000km – Rs. 1,360/-
    10000km – Rs. 1,360/-
    1500km – 0 Service cost

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    Efficiency of the car

    [QUOTE=Farheenbegum;279533]The reason why Hyundai is charging high service cost because all equipments they assemble to their vehicle are built with superior technology. [/QUOTE]

    I’ve always been a huge fan of Hyundai Motors Co, and always considered them to be a reliable and trustworthy car manufacturing company. However, I recently came across an issue in which the U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has caught Hyundai for overstating the mileage a few of their cars give. The Elantra and Accent are included in this. Hyundai has accepted their mistake and plan to reimburse its customers for the pain they have caused them. This however, is a massive blunder and I would definitely not opt for purchasing a Hyundai car after reading about this issue. Article link:

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    really hyundai cars are awsome cars......I 20 is the one of the best car....

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    Hyundai is a very good car manufacturing company; they provide best services to the customers/clients. That is the reason i like this special brand. Hyundai EON and Hyundai i10 are the best Hyundai cars. Though they have been introduced in the short span, within fraction of days from the date of manufacturing it became very popular. Most of them go for this special product of Hyundai. The first service has to be done after two months from the date of purchase of the car. The first service is always a must to your car because they will check if there are any performance issues with the car. One of my friends has Hyundai i20, when he gave that car for first service the cost was around 4500 k; but now i seriously do not have an idea about it.

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