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Thread: Home remedies for healthy and shiny hair

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    Home remedies for healthy and shiny hair

    Hi all,

    One of my friends have a very dry hair, her hair looks so dull and damaged. Moreover she is worried saying that i am not able to do the hair style as i wish, she is totally tapped. Even after trying with herbal shampoos, conditioners and many other products but it din’t work. So she thought of trying some natural products. Can anyone please do give out few home remedies for a healthy and shiny hair? Please help!!!!!

    Thank you!!!!!

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    Most of them wish to have a healthy hair, but only few of them will naturally have a good hair. The problem with the young girls is they do hair coloring perming, hair spray etc....all those chemical products will cause damage to the hair, so it is better to avoid all these products and try with some natural things. It is better to go for home remedies, because they do not have any side effects. I would like to give out few home remedies for a healthy and shiny hair, please have a look it;

    The remedies are as follows;

    • Ask her to drink plenty of water and other fruit juices every day
    • Apply coconut oil regularly,
    • Massage the hair with Luke warm coconut oil before an hour of washing the hair for better results
    • Please do avoid using the hair care products because they will damage the hair
    • At least once in a week deep condition your hair, this will make the hair healthier and also look shiny

    Ask her to try with these to have a healthy and shiny hair

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