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Thread: Teenagers and how to deal with them

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    Dear all posters of Parenting Teenagers

    I believe that the best way to parent teenagers is to let them be.
    Why cant teenagers explore boys/girls. I even have friends where their sons were gay (but thats another story). Anyways, we should all let our daughters/sons free. Let them go out into world like free birds and lets all hope they don't get shot by the hunters. I mean i think i posted this in Daniel's thread but i have a daughter who got very frisky at a very young age and i didnt take any action and look at her now, she is a doctor married to a pilot for the Singapore airlines. She has many kids (but that's another story).
    The main point is, teenagers feel annoyed when parents confront them all the time about the same issue.

    Thank you for reading
    Wan King

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    I really respect and support your view about parenting teenagres ......i will keep these things when i have mine Kids

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