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Thread: Searching Court Marriage done

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    Searching Court Marriage done

    I am doing arranged marriage next month. But i had a doubt that the groom may be married earlier. So is there any procedure whereby i can check at family courts secretly the same.
    Now-a-days guys marry girls and even family members are unknown to it. I stay in mumbai and he stays in thane. Pls guide me.

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    Hey sheetal,

    Marriage is a sacred relationship; do not harm it by your silly misunderstandings or doubtfulness. In this kind of relationship trust is a prime factor if that is lacking in you then your marital life is going to be really hard. Be wise in handling things rather than doubting your future spouse. Before marriage itself if you are like this then think of your situation in the future. If you build this kind of thought within yourself then the life goes really hard. Try to have trust on each other.

    Hope you understood!

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