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Thread: want to do court marriage...........

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    want to do court marriage...........

    i love a girl & i want to marry her....but i have no idea to do court marriage.....
    After court Marriage should any forms wil come to our house that your son was married that girl.......
    pls help me .............

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    Hey sekhar,

    You silly, donít worry man......... such forms will never go to your home.

    Court marriage is nothing but a marriage which are already been solemnised, can be registered either under Hindu marriage act 1955 or special marriage act 1954. The Hindu marriage act is applicable in case if the husband and wife belong to any of these religions such as jains, Buddhists, Hindus etc...

    Whereas the special marriage act is applicable if both husband and wife are other than these religions as mentioned above, i.e. Hindus, Buddhists, jains etc...

    There are some documents you need to produce for court marriage like proof of residence as well as age for both groom and bride. Along with that please do not forget to give two passport size photographs of both bride and groom. After submitting these a month after your marriage will be registered at the marriage registrar office with 3 witnesses.

    Hope it helped!!

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    First you find best lawyer for court marriage and get advice from lawyer. I advice you to complete the whole process of court marriage otherwise you are in trouble. if Girl are strong than no worry about any problem.

    As per my view i advice you to send the marriage certificate and other document copy to your police stations and your wife police station area. then after send one hand written copy about we both are married with our decision or no any pressure from any person.

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