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Thread: Bully Teenage Brother

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    I am 10 year old. My 14 year old teenage brother is a big bully. I can handle bullying at school but this constant torture by him at home is just unbearable for me. My parents do not believe me for he has convinced them that I badmouth him only to get away with my so-called naughtiness. He even beats me blue and black, if I refuse to be a slave to him and then tell my parents that I was trying to run out of doors at night and when he tried to stop me, I just jerked him and consequently fell on the floor. No one believes me and if they do love me, their love is too deep for me to see. I just want to evaporate somewhere. Can anything be done here?

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    helloo izumi,

    first of all i am astonished that u r a net savvy at this small age of 10. Anyways....., ur brother will stop this as soon as he becomes a little older than his current age. bullying is very commonly observed problem among the teens of this age.

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    complain this to your mother and if she doen't understands it then give your message via any of your moma's closest friend.

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