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Thread: Is Delhi Safe For Women?

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    Sep 2008
    it was really disturbing for girls who are living in and around delhi and are far from their

    parents ,these all career oriented girls have movede from small towns and are struggling

    hard to get up to the mark of their family and parents ...........and then only because they

    are alone in this city...they have to face a situation like Shalini,the girl from Saharanpur,who

    worked in a call centre was found dead in her Gautam Nagar paying-guest accommodation

    on September 10,she was allegedly strangled with a mobile charger cord.

    Now,her father is go round the courts and police stations for getting justice.

    May,god bless him and her daughter's soul!

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    Nov 2008
    Hi rahool,
    you are right man. metros are now not safe for girls.

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