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Thread: Reaction to violence

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    Reaction to violence

    When one throws fire on you if you throw fire against him in return, can your fire extinguish the opposite fire? The fire thrown by you cannot pacify the injuries caused by your enemy’s fire on your body. The injuries caused by your fire on the body of your enemy will increase the strength of your enmity with him. If you throw water against his fire, your water can extinguish the opposite fire. The water fallen on your enemy generates repentance in your enemy and the enmity ends forever. A scholar shows love as an answer to violence. An ignorant person shows anger as an answer to anger.

    At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami

    Anil Antony

    Universal Spirituality for World Peace

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    anil, you have given very good example. I hope it will help people to be away from anger.
    Its true anger is not the solution of any problem but it can create more problem.
    How good it is if all understand this.

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    Hey guys!!

    Very well said Antoy and sweety, But the problem is No one will understand this. Actually no one has so much patience to think about it.. If one person hits the other person has to hit immediately that's how we are living.

    Our god Jesus said that if you get slapped by your enemy on your cheek show him another cheek to slap over... but how many of us follow this NONE !!

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